Why Children Can’t Get The Covid-19 Vaccine Now? – Gulte

More than a million people in the US got the first round of vaccines in US. The front runners Pfizer and Moderna are dispensed in the country so far and they are shown to be safe after months of trials. But there is a question on why the children can’t get the Covid-19 vaccine yet?

The Pfizer vaccine is good for 16 years and above while Moderna is for 18 years and above. Though they are safe, there is a caution encouraged by the doctors when taking the vaccines for people who have had adverse reactions to vaccinations in the past or allergic to vaccines.

However, the vaccines are not for children, because the authorized vaccines are not tested on children younger than or equal to 12 yet. The vaccines are typically tested first in adults and once the vaccine is found safe with adults, that will be tested on children.

Another major reason is that Covid-19 appears to mostly affect adults than children. As per the CDC report from September last year, there were only 121 children among the 190,000 people who had died due to coronavirus.

Also that the children are found to be spreading at the rate of half to that of adults, though they are great carriers.

Moderna reportedly is planning to start pediatric clinical trials in children between 12 and 17, soon.

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