Watch how a dog fights a lioness in this viral video – EastMojo

In the short clip, a stray dog approached a lioness without batting an eyelid as a fierce battle ensued in the forest. The dog and the lioness continued their brawl for a while as the former barked. After a few moments though, the dog backed out and retreated from the spot.

Tourists on a safari jeep, meanwhile, witnessed the incident from a distance.

“Need this much confidence in life. Dog vs Lion. It also highlights issue of stray dogs and wildlife interaction. Lion just used as indicative. It’s a lioness to be precise,” Kaswan said in the caption of his post.

The nearly-two minute clip on Twitter has been viewed over 1.9 lakh times after being made available online, also generating a lot of amazed reactions.

“Apt example of size doesn’t matter. What matters at the end of the day is your confidence,” a user said.

Another comment reads,” Looks like they weren’t looking for food or else he would have become their lunch.”

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