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In a video that has now gone viral on social media, two women were seen being kicked out off a Delta Airlines flight for allegedly being supporters of Donald Trump.

“They are all on a no-fly list for being radical White terrorists,” claimed a man in the background. The women kept reiterating ‘freedom of speech’ and their rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution while they walked out of the flight. The other passengers were seen mocking and telling them to ‘get out.’ Some passengers were also hurling abusive words towards the two women.

In another video, a man was seen have a public outburst after he was supposedly not allowed to fly. He alleged that he was called a ‘terrorist’ and vilified by the airlines. The man was then comforted by another woman, who said that she was also kicked out of a Delta flight earlier. The video was posted on Twitter by a handle (@RayRetracted) who claimed that the man was put on a ‘No Fly List’ for participating in the US Capitol riots.

Passengers denied entry for expressing support for Donald trump privately

In another video, several passengers were barred from boarding their flight for expressing their support for outgoing US President Donald Trump. According to a man in the background, over 30 police officers were called in to pacify the situation, even though the passengers were not a threat to security.

While posting the video, a user wrote, “Delta Airlines kicked these people out from their plane. They were not trying to hijack the plane. They were just having a private talk and expressed their support for Trump. Globalism is turning America and the world into a dictatorship much more criminal than Nazism and Communism.”

Trump supporters attack US Capitol Hill 

On January 6, The supporters of the outgoing US President Donald Trump had wreaked havoc in the nation’s capital leaving four people dead. The police in Washington DC, have arrested as many as 52 people after supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol Hill building and disrupted proceedings. Amidst the chaos, visuals had emerged where the frenzied pro-Trump mob were seen attacking media crews.

Many videos had surfaced on Twitter, where the protestors, amidst “go back” slogans, are seen breaking the cameras and vandalizing other types of equipment of the media, outside the US Capitol Hill building in Washington DC.

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