Viral Video: Skaters in Netherlands rescued after falling through cracked ice – The Indian Express

A video of skaters being recused from a freezing canal after falling through cracked ice in Amsterdam has gone viral on social media. In the 3-minute clip, bystanders can be seen using ropes and hockey sticks to pull them out of the icy waters.

According to the Instagram post shared by a user named Evgeny_amsterdam, people in the city are skating on ice even when cracks are visible. “We saw how the ice went and cracked at the seams, which did not stop many Amsterdam citizens, they continued to skate and have fun on the ice, which greatly surprised me. What for?!” he wrote.

“My dear friends and Amsterdammers, please learn from this video not to do the same things, do not risk, take care,” he added while concluding the post.

Watch the video here:

Earlier, another viral video featured a skater falling through the ice in Keizersgracht canal. The man was later pulled out by another skater present at the spot.

After sub-zero temperatures hit the Netherlands, several warnings were issued requesting people to avoid going on the ice, The Guardian reported. However, incidents of people skating on the ice have continued to be reported.

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