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A viral video of a snake drinking water from a bottle has been going viral | Image credit: Twitter

A viral video of a snake drinking water from a bottle has been going viral | Image credit: Twitter

An old video of a man feeding cobra water from a bottle has been going viral after IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared it on Twitter.

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  • Last Updated: February 21, 2021, 16:30 IST

An unusual sight of a king Cobra drinking water from a bottle has created stir on social media once again. The video that has gone viral shows a man offering water to the venomous snake by gently tipping the plastic bottle towards it. The thirsty reptile can also be seen gulping the water peacefully. The incredible video is shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Officer Susanta Nanda for the second time. It has garnered over 22,200 views and tons of reactions within a day. The officer calls love and water the two best things of life in the caption.

While the clip has given many of the users’ goosebumps, some netizens went on praising the man for his courageous and kind gesture. A user commented that he is seeing a snake gulping water for the first time it’s as he heard that snakes can’t drink. He thanked the IFS for sharing such an amazing video. A second user calls the act courageous and compassionate. Some of the users also asked about the man and how did he manage the venomous snake so easily.

This is not the first time that a snake was spotted gulping water. Earlier, a video of a snake drinking water from a man’s palm has left the internet astonished. The clip was shared by Nanda where he also explained how a snake gulps water. He mentioned that tongue doesn’t help snakes to drink water but they depress their jaws to create negative pressure to draw the water and then they seal their mouth to push the water into their body.

The video made the netizens shiver. Many asked if the reptile is poisonous as they have never seen such green snakes. Another user called it amazing view and commented that they have never seen or heard something like this. Some of them called the act daring as well as dangerous. Going by the Twitterati, it was a green vine snake that is mildly venomous. These snakes are mostly found in the Eastern Ghats of India.

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