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  • Cute dog videos are therapeutic for many.
  • We found one such adorable video on Facebook.
  • The dog gets angry after realising his hooman doing pranks with him.

Internet is one happy place that keeps us entertained with different types of contents. From the serious, informative ones to the light-hearted pieces – you will find an extensive variety of contents to satisfy every mind and dog videos being one of them. One of the most viewed things on the social media platforms, adorable videos of the dogs and their cutesy antics never fail to grab our attention and make us smile. In fact, these videos are therapeutic and work as a stress reliever for many. If you happen to follow dog videos on various social media platforms, then you must know that these videos garner millions of views in no time.

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Recently, we came across one such dog video on Facebook where it was seen trying to eat ‘invisible’ treat, fed by the master. The video was posted on Facebook page ‘Woof Woof’.

In the video, the master is seen feeding the dog some invisible treats. After trying to have it twice, the canine realises the prank and gets angry at his ‘hooman’. “You dare to insult my intelligence, hooman,” the video caption reads.

Here’s The Complete Video Featuring Dog Going Mad After He Realises He’s Being Fed Invisible Treats:


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This hilarious video took the internet by storm, garnering more than 350k views and 41k comments.

While some users were amused by the core, others sympathised with the dog’s innocent behaviour.

Here’s how netizens reacted; read the comments below:

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