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This week Internet saw several viral videos making rounds on Youtube and news. Viral news and videos included ‘What happened to Shweta’, ‘Pawrii horahi hai’ and many other viral videos. Here is the list of the top 10 viral videos that the internet could not get enough of this week.

What Happened to Shweta?

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The video of a woman forgetting to turn her microphone off as she chatted away with her friend during a Microsoft Teams meeting went viral on social media sites. The woman named Shweta gossiped on and about with her friend without knowing that the mic was on and the rest of the participants could hear her. Thanks to the internet, now thousands of people have heard her gossip-session as the video was trending on Twitter for few hours.

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Pawrii Horahi Hai video

Pakistani Beauty blogger became a meme overnight as a video of her filming herself and her friends saying ‘Yeh humari car hai, Yeh hum hai aur yeh humari party ho rahi hai’ went viral. The internet was quick to make a meme out of her accent and dialogue as YashRaj Mukhate composed a song out of the meme. Pawrii ho rahi hai video became viral within few hours as many used the video to make funny interpretations of the dialogue.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover


Pic Credit: NASA.

This week on viral news, mankind made a huge advancement in technology, but the internet could not control but turn the situation into series of hilarious memes. As NASA  announced the news that their rover had successfully landed on the surface of Mars, it shared two images with it. The internet turned those photos into memes by editing the photos hilariously. Some of them included Bernie Sanders sitting on Mars while there was one with rats infesting the Mars surface.

Man jumps into well

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In a series of shocking events, a man can be seen jumping into the well to save a snake that has fallen in it. In the viral video, the man climbed down the well and jumped into the well. He swam close to the snake and tied him to a hook to pull him above the well. The video has shocked several on the internet.

Lion strolling in Gujarat

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In the viral video, a Lion can be casually strolling in Gujarat. The video shows a Lion crossing the hotel premises as it wanders in the night. The CCTV footage of the hotel in Junagadh has become viral over the internet.

Madhuri Dixit compliments girl dancing

A viral video of a girl, Amroha from Uttar Pradesh has gone viral as she dances to a song from the movie Mother India. Her dance moves have impressed Madhuri Dixit as the actress shared the video herself on her social media. The video has caused many people to compliment the girl thus making it viral.

Bhangra on Snow

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A video of a Canadian teacher teaching his students bhangra on snow is going viral. Pandher, the one in the viral video is an Indo-Canadian dance trainer. Spreading the joy of Bhangra, the video has won several hearts online.

Reporter robbed online

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The video from Ecuador went viral as the journalist and film crew were robbed on-air while reporting. The camera kept on rolling and the whole thing was captured online. The video of the masked robber has gone viral on the internet.

Monkeys eating cake

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A video of monkeys eating cake together has been making rounds on the internet. The video is of a bunch of monkeys eating and enjoying a cake. The video has a soundtrack of the latest video ‘Pawri Ho Rahi Hai’ as it hops on the bandwagon of viral videos.

Dog frustrated by its owner

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Keeping the internet a happy place, a video of a dog getting frustrated by its owner has gone viral. The video of the dog’s master feeding his dog invisible treats is winning everyone’s hearts on the internet. The hilarious video has been watched thousands of times on the internet.

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