Trevor Noah Horrified by QAnon Nut Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Murder Fantasies – The Daily Beast

President Joe Biden wants to bring “unity” to the United States of America. But as The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah laid out Wednesday night, that is not going to be easy given that this country has pretty much been divided from the very beginning.

“I can see why unity would be very appealing for people right now,” the host said. “But for unity to work, you have to agree on what unity is. And in Washington right now, they’re not even united on that.”

With that, Noah played a montage of Republican lawmakers like Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham, along with Fox News host Sean Hannity, railing against Biden for taking progressive action while preaching “unity.” As Hannity asked his viewers, “Does anyone at this point still believe him? Anybody? Raise your hand at home.”

“Dude, only one of your viewers is dumb enough to think that you can see him through the TV,” Noah said, making perhaps his only Trump joke of the night. “Because this is ridiculous. Apparently Republicans think that ‘unity’ means the Democrats have to act like Republicans?”

“I’ll tell you this much,” he added. “Unity doesn’t mean you just do what the losers want. It definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t hold Trump accountable for what he did.”

All of this brought Noah to the QAnon-endorsing Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who advocated for executing prominent Democratic political figures as recently as 2019. “Holy shit!” the host replied. “This Marjorie Taylor Greene lady wanted to shoot Pelosi and hang Obama and Hillary? This woman is something else. It’s like a normal Karen fell into a vat of chemicals and then became a Batman villain.”

“I mean, how can you achieve unity with someone who’s literally wanting you dead?” he asked.

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