Trending Viral Video: Mumbai Man’s flying dosa video garners 84 million views – Mumbai Live

In recent developments, a Mumbai-based dosa seller’s unique way of serving the South Indian cuisine has gotten viral on social media.

This famous South Indian dish happens to be similar to dosa a crepe from a fermented batter predominantly consisting of lentils and rice. It is somewhat similar to a crepe in appearance, although savoury flavours are generally emphasized whereas crepes are usually sweet.

Meanwhile, the video of the Mumbai seller tossing the dosa up in the air like Captain America’s shield has received around 84 million views on Facebook. According to reports, this unique dosa place happens to be at Shree Balaji Dosa in South Mumbai’s Mangaldas Market where dosas are sent flying straight to the plate from the skillet.

The video of the flying dosa was shared on the Facebook page ‘Street Food Recipes’ where we can witness a dosa seller expertly preparing dosas and flipping them high into the air such that they land right onto a waiting plate. The stunt is carried out with apparent ease and chances are it will make your jaw drop open in surprise.

While some were impressed with this technique calling it “artistic” several others also criticized the dosa seller adding that throwing dosas into the air showed disrespect towards food. Some also stated that the technique looked “unsanitary”. However, despite the criticism, the video is managing to trend as netizens watch the video over and over again.

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