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The string of woes for Texans does not seem to be ending anytime soon. Even though the electricity did come back to the state on Friday after almost 2,00,000 power outages in the state last week, there are other problems that are now emerging. One of those is the outrageous amounts of electricity bills that are being handed over to its residents.

Texas residents are taking to Twitter to share screen grabs of their electricity bills that are as high as $17,000. According to a report by ABC News affiliate WFAA in Dallas, a man named Ty Williams sent them screenshots of his three electric meters, one for his home, one for a guest house, and one for his office. The bill for all three was at $660 last month however, this month after the power outages in the middle of arctic snowstorm, he owes more than $17,000 to the provider. Speaking to WFAA, Williams said, how in the world can anyone pay that much of an amount since there is absolutely no way and it makes no sense.

In another tweet, one user mentioned that some Texas electricity customers saw the price of a kilowatt hour go from 12 cents to $9 in the past week that has led to bills in the thousands.

The report further mentions that Williams was on a variable-rate plan with electricity provider Griddy. The company is facing flak for trying to avert devastating electric bills for its customers by encouraging them to leave and find a fixed-rate plan with other providers.

Netizens are livid with the inflated electricity bills as some question if they would have to take a loan to pay off the due amount.

While many are questioning Texas’ Republican senator Ted Cruz who has already irked the residents of his state as he continues to display his ignorance to the on-ground situation.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Texas Governor Greg Abbott held an emergency meeting regarding the issue on Saturday with state legislators. Republican Representative Michael McCaul said on Sunday that at present the government is planning to use federal assistance funding to help homeowners with both post-storm repairs, such as for water damage and pipe bursting, and the shocking electricity bills.

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