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Here are some of the podcasts that have been filling our earbuds this month when we haven’t been busy recording The Pinkbike Podcast.

The Lockdown Companion with Wyn Masters & Olly Wilkins

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Wyn Masters joins Davi and Olly for the latest instalment of The Lockdown Companion. During this episode we discuss the world records Wyn has his eyes on, his move to the UK, which wheelies have been the most challenging, the 2020 race season, Olly does a German ad read and a bunch more…Watch the full podcast

Muc-Off CEO Alex Trimnell – The Drop in Podcast
Listen in as they discuss, how Alex and his family first started the brand, how they had to alter their strategy for the Covid pandemic, an insight into the future of the Muc-Off brand, their approach towards environmental sustainability and the benefits that come with retaining private ownership of your business.

The podcast is available in video form over on Youtube or in audio form from most podcast streaming services @TheDropInPodcast.

Rich Houseman Talks About Rider Sponsorship in 2021
Words Chris Hall : Photo Kris Magenheim

Rich Houseman knows a thing or two about what it takes to get sponsored. As the youngest ever factory-sponsored BMX rider, aged 6, he went on to become BMX World Champion and have a successful DH and 4X career. Rich moved into the world of sponsorship in 2004 when he started at hookit.com. He went on to manage the one and only Aaron Gwin, and has been behind the scenes for much of his career.

We sat down to find out about his background in the sport, and what it was like racing in the 90s. We cover how he met Aaron and what it’s like being involved in the sponsorship of one of the highest value athletes in our sport. Then we get onto the mountain bike sponsorship environment in 2021. How important is social media, is racing enough, how do influencers and YouTubers fit into the picture and much more. So hit play below and listen to this episode with Rich Houseman.

If you want to head to a specific part of our conversation, then here are some rough timings.

Rich’s background – 03:00-22:00
Hookit overview and his work with Aaron Gwin – 22:00-38:00
What it takes to be sponsored in 2021 – 38:00-1hr:30

Team Rumours with Angel Suarez Alonso & Dakotah Norton
Wild speculation, uncorroborated insight & the odd confirmed fact! Joining George Thompson & Jack Reading for a team rumours episode of the Making Up The Numbers podcast are a couple of riders who’ve recently confirmed new rides, Commencal 21’s Angel Suarez Alonso & The YT Mob’s Dakotah Norton.

Chatting with Michael Williams from WRP
In this episode, I am joined by Michael Williams, a World Cup racer, Engineer and man behind Williams Racing Products.

Michael is one of those people who really embraces and believes in the sport of Mtb. We have a chat about his BMX racing career, travelling AUS with his family, and creating his own custom parts brand. It is a long one so buckle in and enjoy the banter.

Talking with Sam Moore about FIST Handwear and his Motivation to Succeed

In this episode, I was lucky enough to chat with Sam Moore of Fist Handwear. We chat about his drive to succeed, his motivation to create gloves and what he looks for in an athlete. His drive is second to none and his positivity is infectious. I hope you enjoy the listen.

Fabien Barel’s 2020 Season Review, Ultimate Trail Bikes, 2021 Expectations and More
Words Chris Hall : Photo Boris Beyer

Fabien Barel clearly has a huge passion, energy and deep understanding of our sport. Today we’re catching up with Fabien on the 2020 season and finding out how he feels his enduro and downhill teams got on. He shares some tips on how to increase your peak speed on the bike. We chat about his thoughts on the evolution of the do it all trail bike, and where he sees that going in the future. We also get Fab’s thoughts on the 2021 season and what we’ve got in store. So hit play below and listen to this episode with Fabien Barel.

Rémy Métailler Talks New Bikes, YouTube, Racing Drones and More
Words Chris Hall : Photo AJ Barlas

Rémy Métailler is an incredible rider, who’s moved his insane skills from Whistler Bike Park to finding gaps on the steeps around Squamish, and he’s documenting it on his huge YouTube channel. Rémy has recently signed with Propain Bikes, so we chat about that move. We cover his channel, his use of affiliate links and how that’s helping him make better content. We also chat about riding with racing drones, how Yoann Barelli made him crash, and plenty more. So hit play below and listen to this episode with Rémy Métailler.

Rob Warner & Olly Wilkins On The Lockdown Companion

The voice of mountain biking, Rob Warner joins Olly Wilkins and Davi for the latest episode of The Lockdown Companion. During the episode Olly and Rob share stories from their trip to the Himalayas that didn’t make the final film, Rob talks about his new YouTube channel and the type of content he’s planning to release, 2021 downhill picks, zorbing and as expected Rob shares some hilarious stories from his time on the downhill circuit plus much more…

Listen to the podcast

Watch the full podcast

Jack Moir Talks Teams, Enduro Riding & Rally Cars

In this episode, I was lucky enough to chat with one of Australia’s biggest successes in the MTB racing scene, Jack Moir.

We chat about his transfer to enduro, the whole team debacle, training, and of course the annual rally in the bush.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Richie Rude & Todd Schumlick Talk MTB TrainingRichie Rude – Photo Credit: Ed Witwicki

If we were headline grabbers we’d mention such things as a Yeti eBike, Richie’s return to DH or Aaron Gwin’s new, new bike. All these things are mentioned in this episode of the podcast, but they’re not what it’s about; it’s about training…

Todd Schumlick has trained some of the world’s leading bike sports athletes from Aaron Gwin to Stevie Smith, Sam Blenkinsop to Emmeline Ragot. Richie Rude is the 2 x EWS Champion, 2013 Junior DH World Champion & has worked with Todd for the last 8 years. What started out as a discussion about training for DH vs enduro actually became more about training in general but there’s so much wisdom in here that it doesn’t really matter.

Phil Atwill – Back on the Podium, Back on Propain
Words Chris Hall : Photo Kat Georgudis

Phil Atwill has had a rough couple of years with some pretty nasty injuries that have made repeating that Lenzerheide 2017 podium a big challenge. However, at the final round in Lousa last year he stuck it into 5th place. We sat down to find out about that journey back to the podium. We chat about his move to Greece, filming for Gamble, injury, the move back to Propain and plenty more. So hit play below and listen to this episode with Phil Atwill.

Sven Martin Breaks Down His Career On The Lockdown Companion
Head media squid Sven Martin joins Olly and Davi for the latest instalment of The Lockdown Companion. During this episode Sven talks about his photography career and how he got involved with the mountain bike industry, the future of media, tips for up and coming squids and what it takes to get the perfect shots. Sven also explains his skate career, did you know he once had a signature board?! Naturally, we cover a host of other subjects too including the great sea water discussion..
Watch the full podcast

‘How To Make A Viral Video’ – Danny MacAskill & Robbie Meade Discuss How They Made The Slabs
This week on The Drop In Podcast, Duncan Shaw is joined by close friends Danny MacAskill, and Robbie Meade to talk about their latest project “The Slabs”. A short film that Danny has recently released on YouTube in which he descends down one of The UK’s finest moderate climbs, The Black Slabs on The Isle of Skye, aboard his Santa Cruz 5010.

Danny MacAskill is a Scottish mountain biker who shot to fame in the spring of 2009 after releasing “Inspired Bicycles” a wee video that he and his flatmate Dave Sowerby had shot over a few months around the streets of Edinburgh. Over the last ten years this is what Danny has made his career in. Travelling the globe finding amazing places for him to make riding films and performing alongside Duncan in the Drop and Roll Tour.

Robbie Meade is the founder of Peny Ltd a creative media production company based in Wales, over the last few years Robbie has worked with Danny on various projects including, Imaginate, Epucuen, and Cascadia which saw Danny jumping his bike across the exposed rooftops of Gran Canaria. Together with Danny, Robbie directed their most recent film “The Slabs”.

Join them as they discuss what went into filming the project, how it felt to climb the slabs along with backpacks full of camera gear, how Danny and Robbie first met, how they operate together whilst shooting a film, and what it takes to produce a viral video…

Stefan Garlicki Talks About His Horrific Injuries, Suffering PTSD and More
Words Chris Hall : Photo Ewald Sadie

Stefan Garlicki is a South African World Cup racer with a crazy story that we can learn a lot from. We chat about Stefan’s horrendous injuries which pushed him to the point that he suffered from PTSD and panic attacks. Stefan has worked hard super hard on his recovery, and part of that has even led to him learning to backflip.

We also find out what it’s like to come from South Africa and learn to race in Europe. Stefan gives some great insight into the dedication it takes to work your way up the World Cup ranks. Chatting with Stefan personally gave me some really great perspective on things, and helped me focus on what’s important. I hope you enjoy listening to what he has to say. So hit play below and listen to this episode with Stefan Garlicki.

Catching up with Jackson Frew

This episode it an impromptu chat with Jackson Frew. He wanted to have a chat about his year ahead, what has been happening in his life, and the direction he is heading. 

We go down some pretty in-depth tangents to including the 2020 season, longevity in the sport and bike setup/technology. It was a really insightful chat and I hope you enjoy it. 

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