Percentage of over 80s in south Cumbria who receive first dose of Covid-19 vaccine revealed – NW Evening Mail

A MASSIVE 87 per cent of over 80s in Lancashire and south Cumbria have received one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

As of January 28, 80,491 people over the age of 80 and 131,467 residents under 80 in South Cumbria and Lancashire have received a jab

Last week, the region had only provided the vaccine to 75.7 per cent of residents aged over 80, totalling to 70,027 people.

85.9 per cent of over 80s in the Cumbria and North East region have received their first jab, equalling 138,347 residents.

However, a second jab of the vaccine is required to increase immunity to the deadly virus.

So far, 10.5 per cent of south Cumbria and Lancashire residents over 80 have received a second dose, which equates to 9,690 people.

The second dose has been provided to 2,892 people under 80.

In south Cumbria, centres in places including Millom, Barrow and Ulverston are vaccinating residents.

The government aim to have offered 15 million people the vaccine by mid-February.

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