Pak religious scholars to protest against Imran Khan’s plans to ‘take over’ mosques, seminaries – Times of India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan‘s religious scholars have threatened to protest against Prime Minister Imran Khan-led government’s plans to take over the mosques and seminaries.
According to a report by Dawn, the scholars at a convention raised their voices against the Waqf Amlak Act 2020 and vowed to resist it.
The ulemas have also formed ‘Movement to Safeguard Mosques and Seminaries’ under which the protest rallies will be held.
The members who participated in the convention included the head of the movement Maulana Zahoor Ahmad Alvi, chief of Punjab chapter of Wafaqul Madaris Arabia Pakistan Maulana Qazi Abdur Rashid among others.
They said that the representatives from five schools of thought, leaders of religious parties and representatives of five boards of education of seminaries will be jointly protesting against the new educational boards for seminaries.
“Mosques and seminaries had been free, are free and will remain free. None will be allowed to put restrictions on their freedom. We have resisted all such conspiracies in the past and would face them in times to come. The movement to protect mosques and seminaries will continue,” they added.

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