Over 36,000 health care workers to be covered within three days of Covid-19 vaccination drive – Hindustan Times

With the Covid-19 vaccination all set to roll-out in the state from January 16 onwards, state health department officials said on Saturday that a total of 36,150 healthcare workers from both public and private health care facilities of Gurugram will get the jab within the first three days.

Rajeev Arora, additional chief secretary, said, “Covid-19 vaccination will start from January 16 in Haryana, as per the directions of the Central government. Decisions are yet to be taken on procurement and distribution, which will start from next week onwards.”

In Gurugram, almost 87% of the private healthcare workers will get the shot at 116 session sites to be established across 21 private hospitals. In five big private hospitals, nearly 12 vaccination sites per hospital will be set up, according to senior health officials.

On Saturday, in a meeting held with the representatives of five private hospitals, Dr Virender Yadav, chief medical officer, Gurugram, discussed the planning of the session sites in detail. “Private hospitals will prepare a plan on setting up multiple session sites within their hospital premises for the maximum coverage of the health staff and others from nearby clinics, nursing homes and health facilities. They will be sharing the details on Monday.” Representatives from other 16 hospitals, where session sites will be comparatively fewer, will also be meeting the medical officer on Monday.

According to Yadav, on the first day of the vaccination, at least 161 vaccination sites will be set up. It includes 116 in 21 private health care facilities and 43 in public institutions like schools or primary healthcare centres.

“On the second and the third day, the vaccine jab will be given at 116 sites as all public health care workers can be covered in a day,” said Yadav. Under the public health set up, there are at least 4,623 health care workers working in primary health centres, urban primary health centres, civil hospitals, polyclinics and dispensaries.

Following the Covid-19 guidelines and the experience gained through dry run held on January 7, hospitals have been asked to demarcate certain number of rooms or big halls for conducting the vaccination procedure. It includes a waiting area, vaccination room and an observation room. In certain places, separate AEFI (adverse events following vaccination) rooms will also have to be set up. “For vaccination in hospitals, we have asked hospitals to keep two spare beds in case anyone shows any reaction to the vaccine. In schools and health care centres too, such rooms will be set up to treat people before referring them to any hospital in case they report of any adverse effects due to vaccine,” said Dr MP Singh, district immunisation officer.

He said, “Once the overall plan is confirmed on Monday, we will map everything on the Co-WIN app, based on which messages will be delivered to the beneficiaries.” The details of healthcare workers are already uploaded on Co-WIN — a digital platform for real-time information on tracing beneficiaries, storage and temperature of vaccine stock. Based on number of vaccination sites, the beneficiaries have been grouped into 100 each considering their proximity to the site. Before the vaccination, message will be sent out to the beneficiaries mentioning the details about the date, time and place of vaccination.


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