Only in Wisconsin: Viral video shows herd of cows disrupting traffic – – WISC-TV3

Cows On The Run

HARTLAND, Wis. —  You know you’re in Wisconsin when…

A Facebook video from the Swallow School District in Hartland is trending after school pick-up time was disrupted by a stampede of brown cows.

Radios in the school went off last Thursday regarding a few brown cows on the loose near the school, the Facebook post said.  Several staff members, who normally act as crossing guards, put on their safety vests and went to work as cattle herders.

“Only in Wisconsin would this be the reason for an end-of-the-day traffic jam at school,” said custodian Jeffrey Grunwald.

The employees were able to safely move the cows off the road so families could pick up their students after school.

“Now I can add that to my resume, too! We work with everyone from 4K- through grown cattle,” Superintendent Melissa Thompson joked in the post.

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