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In a video that has since gone viral on social media, a man can be seen allegedly ‘spitting’ on rotis during the preparation in a clay oven or tandoor while catering for a wedding event. Netizens reacted strongly to the video and shared their opinions and speculations. Many reacted in disgust and wondered why anyone would do so.

The viral video was first shared on the social media platform Twitter on February 19 where it gained many views and retweets. The said tweet suggests that the event took place at the Aroma Hotel in Meerut in the state of Uttar Pradesh. In a reply to the tweet, the Meerut police took cognisance of the incident and said that they would conduct a probe into the matter.

“The station in-charge of Partapur has been conveyed to launch necessary action or investigation in connection with the case,” said the Meerut police.

People had strong opinions after looking at the video and they urged the police to investigate the matter.

“This guy should not be employed by anyone in future. Only when he is deprived of livelihood which he was insulting so shamelessly, he may learn lesson of his life,” said one user.

Many suggested that the man may not have been spitting but rather blowing away the extra flour from the rotis before placing them in the oven for cooking.

“I am not very sure but it can be possible that he is blowing away extra flour from roti. Now this may not be hygienic but the guy may not have bad intentions. Great that the matter is being probed. Hope investigation brings out the truth,” shared another user.

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