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Just before Thanksgiving this year, Google updated named food timers on Smart Displays so that they would be accompanied by a whimsical illustration of what you’re waiting for. Some Nest Hub timers today are automatically getting additional Christmas cheer.

Like before, just specify a food in front of “timer” or add it to the end of your Google Assistant command. You’ll hear a brief jingle of sleigh bells once it’s confirmed and the countdown starts.

These Christmas edition timers see various holiday foods and drinks be accompanied by a gingerbread man peeking out from the bottom of your Nest Hub. The cookie only partially occludes the timer and countdown ring.

Some more generic (but topical) foods, like potatoes and hot cocoa, are also automatically getting this treatment. That presumably is only for the holidays as otherwise it would be quite unexpected. At 00, there’s one last touch of whimsy in the form of various treats showering your display as a delightful tune plays.

From the different jingle (gobbling) to the ending food spray, these are themed differently from the Thanksgiving edition. If you set a turkey timer, you’ll still get the previous version. It would be delightful for Google to continue adding more year-round.

Meanwhile, the various generic ones for different food categories (pizza, pasta, chicken, coffee/tea) are still available. They greatly aid glanceability and multi-timer management.

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