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21:54 (IST)

Sunil Chhetri After the Match

“I think we fought well. We got the two-goal lead. But we let in two goals. We are gutted as a team, it feels like a loss. The whole team thought we had three points in the game. We have to go back, see the goals and discuss it.

“Eight games, we haven’t had a win. I know I have to go back and train and give everything there. We are going to sulk for sometime and then get back to training. In football, winning is a habit. I don’t know what winning feels now. I sound depressed but we go and give our all and get a loss or a draw, it’s difficult.

“To be honest, I don’t know what brand of football we have under Cuadrat or Moosa bhai. We train well, apply ourselves. After every game we lose, we pull each other up. We haven’t won for eight games now, I don’t know.

“I try to be a good example but the only good thing about this season is the youngsters getting a chance. When everything is going well, you don’t see these youngsters get chance. Generally in a team like BFC who want to be in Top 4, they don’t get many chances but they are going to be playing next year now. It is good for the youngsters and will probably give them confidence for the next games.”

21:49 (IST)

Hyderabad FC Head Coach Manuel Marquez After the Game

“We are happy because we were losing 2-0 but I think we didn’t deserve that score. We had very clear chances. The second goal for Bengaluru was a gift. We put a lot of offensive players in the last part of the game. In Bengaluru’s situation on a winless run, we scored the first goal and I think they got nervous.

“I think we are young and have a lot of talented players but if we aren’t brave and feel pressure of Top 4, we can play another sport. When these moments arrive, you have to be brace. If you lose, you lose, but you have to be brave. And I feel, today they showed that.”

21:45 (IST)

Bengaluru FC Interim Head Coach Naushad Moosa After the Match

“Again the same problem, switching off. It was a two-goal lead and then conceding two goals in four minutes (sic). I don’t know how to digest that.

“Why I got them out was because Cleiton was complaining about his hamstring at half time and Sunil wasn’t keeping well, he didn’t even train yesterday, so I thought about resting them. I expected Semboi adn Naorem to do better.

“I myself don’t know. Imagine having a two-goal lead and getting in two goals. The team has really been fighting, I appreciate the way they have been playing but again, somewhere, I need to see the goals now and then think about it. When I saw the goal, I feel there was a defensive lapse and we just switched off. We can’t have four men and one person going in behind and scoring a goal.

“The idea for putting him there was we were struggling to cover the left side so with his speed, we could contain Hyderabad’s full-backs. He got a goal as well. It is difficult!

“Parag is very comfortable with the ball, he needs to work more on the defensive front. He needs to be more strong and patient. He goes for tackles and loses the ball. But he is a fighter and he is young and we need to encourage him. That’s all I can do now.”

21:33 (IST)

Full-time Stats

Hyderabad were ultimately the better teams, as the numbers show, and deserved at least a point out of this.

Blog Image

21:29 (IST)


What drama right towards the end! Bengaluru FC were comfortably leading 2-0 but then Naushad Moosa substituted Sunil Chhetri and Cleiton Silva and Hyderabad FC took more control of the game. Manuel Marquez put in Fran Sandaza and threw caution to the wind by reverting to a back three. But it reaped benefits for him. This will feel like a win for Hyderabad. Aridane Santana and Sandaza scored in a space of five minutes to hold Bengaluru FC to a draw. Bengaluru will be shattered by this!

Hyderabad FC 22 Bengaluru FC

21:21 (IST)


90+1′ | GOAL! Fran Sandaza equalises for Hyderabad and it’s his first goal in the ISL! A ball whipped the ball in the middle towards Sandaza, who was played onside by Rahul Bheke. Sandaza slotted the ball home and Gurpreet couldn’t do much there.

Hyderabad FC 2-2 Bengaluru FC

21:20 (IST)

90′ | What a chance for Hyderabad. Narzary puts in a ball in the middle. Aridane and Sandaza are both in the box but none can get a shot at goal. They should have scored there.

Hyderabad FC 1-2 Bengaluru FC

21:16 (IST)


86′ | GOAL! Aridane Santana pulls one back for Hyderabad FC. Rohit Danu gets the ball on the right flank and tries to cross it. It takes a touch from Parag and falls for Aridane, who slots it home.

Hyderabad FC 1-2 Bengaluru FC

21:11 (IST)

Paartalu Booked

82′ | Eric Paartalu gets a yellow card for a foul on Fran Sandaza. This is his seventh of the season and he received a second suspension because of that.

Hyderabad FC 0-2 Bengaluru FC

21:02 (IST)

If the scoreline remains this way, Hyderabad’s goal difference will go down to 0 and NorthEast United FC will replace them on the fourth spot in the standings. Bengaluru will also be just a point away from Hyderabad.

Hyderabad FC 0-2 Bengaluru FC

20:55 (IST)


66′ | Fran Sandaza comes on for Liston. Chianese makes way for Mohammad Yasir.

73′ | Roland Alberg replaces Joao Victor. Sahil Tavora comes on for Hitesh.

85′ | Rohit Danu comes on for Odei.

20:53 (IST)

64′ | Hyderabad FC are reacting to going down by two goals by pushing for a goal even more.

Hyderabad FC 0-2 Bengaluru FC

20:51 (IST)


61′ | GOAL! Leon Augustin scores the second for Bengaluru FC. A mistake from Hitesh Sharma in the midfield as he plays the ball behind straight into Augustin’s path. And he was through with that pace to burn. No one got close to him and with Kattimani tilted towards his left, he hits home from outside of his boot. He screams in delight and then tears up and he falls to the ground with immense emotion.

Hyderabad FC 0-2 Bengaluru FC

20:46 (IST)

55′ | Bengaluru break through now and claim handball off Sana but the referee doesn’t give anything.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:45 (IST)

Aridane Denied Again

54′ | Parag takes a booking for the team as he pulls Liston shirt behind, who would have broken through. The free kick is played for Aridane, whose touch is just flicked away close to another Hyderabad man but the ball stays out just somehow.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:43 (IST)

Gurpreet Denies Aridane

53′ | Good bit of play from Hyderabad FC! They keep the pressure on Bengaluru and then Narzary whips in a good cross for Aridane in the middle but his header is a bit weak and Gurpreet makes the save.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:41 (IST)

52′ | Good counter-attack once again from Hyderabad! Chianese passed to Akash Mishra on his left, who made a good overlap run. Akash’s ball in the middle is missed Liston.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:36 (IST)

47′ | What a chance for Aridane! He just doesn’t get off the ground during that corner delivery. He could have had a free header there.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:34 (IST)


Hyderabad FC kickstart the second half. Bengaluru FC have the lead, courtesy a ninth-minute header from Sunil Chhetri.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:27 (IST)

Half-time Stats

Hyderabad FC had more of the possession but not a single shot on target. Bengaluru FC had one shot on target and they scored off it.

Blog Image

20:25 (IST)


A balanced half this one even though Bengaluru FC have the lead. Sunil Chhetri put Bengaluru ahead with a header off a perfect Cleiton Silva free kick delivery. BFC have looked like they have the spark and are looking dangerous whenever they are going forward. Hyderabad FC have had a lot of the ball but nothing decisive has come out of it and they have not a single shot on target. Hyderabad went close right before half time with a gorgeous ball from Akash Mishra to a free Halicharan Narzary at the far post but Narzary completely missed the target.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:21 (IST)

Narzary Miss

45+2′ | MISS! What a miss from Narzary! Hyderabad with a  counter-attack of their own from a Bengaluru FC as Aridane heads the ball away. Liston takes the ball on the right and runs up the pitch. Akash Mishra cuts inside of Liston and runs up. Liston passes to Akash, who gives a perfect pass to Narzary on the far post but he fluffs his lines and misses the target completely.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:18 (IST)

45′ | Another counter-attack from BFC and Sunil Chhetri with an almost perfect pass from the left for Leon Augustin in the middle but Odei gets a last-ditch clearance out for a corner.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:11 (IST)

39′ | Hyderabad FC are keeping the ball, passing it around in the Bengaluru half but haven’t been able to find anything really decisive. They’ve been giving away free kicks as well being a bit overzealous.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:05 (IST)

34′ | Very sloppy from Fran Gonzalez as he gives away the ball in a very dangerous area. The ball take a bit of bounce after Chianese touch and Bheke is able to clear the danger.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:01 (IST)

29′ | A lovely through ball from Narzary for Chianese, which is missed by a diving Bheke but Gurpreet is there to cover for him. That was a decent move from Hyderabad!

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

20:00 (IST)

28′ | Liston runs up with the ball and has Joel Chianese slightly up the pitch but decides to go wide to Narzary, whose cross in the box doesn’t reach Aridane in the box.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

19:58 (IST)

27′ | A lovely cross to Liston, who does well to control the ball but just couldn’t get the pass through and only gets a corner.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

19:56 (IST)

23′ | Aridane was offside and the linesman had raised his flag but the referee somehow allowed the throw-in and Aridane tried to find the bottom right corner but missed the mark.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

19:55 (IST)

22′ | Good defending from Odei! BFC were in for a classic counter-attack and the ball had been squared towards Chhetri but Odei comes up with an important intervention.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 Bengaluru FC

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