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21:49 (IST)

NorthEast United FC Head Coach Khalid Jamil After the Game

“We felt happy, we got one point. It’s a crucial point. Chennaiyin FC is a good team and they played good today.

“Actually we started the game defensively we were good but not offensively. We missed Gallego. But i think the next game will be good for us.

“Ashutosh is having some injury, we will check him in the dressing room.

“We are playing with a good team against SC East Bengal. We have to be positive and go for three points.

“I never think about the table, I am thinking about East Bengal. But for the team, it will be good to go ahead.”

21:46 (IST)

Chennaiyin FC Head Coach Csaba Laszlo After the Match

“I am the most unhappiest man today and again and again. There are mistakes we do again. I don’t want to criticise my team because we came back. We spoke about something in the dressing room. The last goal, it was a misunderstanding. He made a fantastic save before that. We can have a good team for the next season. Honestly, it is painful. We just give up points in the last seconds.

“I am proud of my boys because after the Goa game the season was finished for us. But even today, they showed they wanted to play football and enjoy it and even scored goals. But it’s been tough for us. One game this season was very bad against Hyderabad but generally the team has showed great character. This is also a development year. For next season, we have to think of what to do. I know but I can’t say right now.

“I don’t want to talk about it because this is my team, this is what we have. We have made good games. We have been in the same level as every other team. We have played excellent games even against Top 4. We didn’t have the luck. If we get the luck next season, may be we can be champions.”

21:40 (IST)

Hero of the Match Lallianzuala Chhangte After the Game

“I am disappointed because we deserve to win. In the last minute, we lost focus and we couldn’t get the win.

“We found the scoring boots but it’s a little late but we will keep going.

“I have been working really hard and I should work harder and keep doing well.”

21:37 (IST)

Full-time Stats
Chennaiyin FC and NorthEast United FC had 50-50 possession but the latter had more shots on target (8) compared to Chennaiyin FC (6). NorthEast even took more shots on target.

Blog Image

21:34 (IST)

Luis Machado converts the penalty conceded by Vishal Kaith in stoppage time to help NorthEast United equalise 3-3 with Chennaiyin FC. Vishal had pulled off a huge save just minutes ago to be the hero for Chennaiyin and then conceded the penalty that denied them the win again. Khalid Jamil remains unbeaten and the draw here makes the race for the playoffs very interesting. NorthEast keep pace in the race and it remains tight between them, FC Goa and Hyderabad FC. Unlucky for Chennaiyin FC as they played well once again and were about to win if not for the penalty. Lallianzuala Chhangte was the Hero of the Match for his brace and for getting Chennaiyin FC a penalty as well.

Chennaiyin FC 33 NorthEast United FC

21:31 (IST)

90+4′ | GOAL! Luis Machado converts the penalty to equalise for NorthEast United FC. Vishal guessed it right and even got his hands to it but it snuck underneath him into the back of the net.

Chennaiyin FC 3-3 NorthEast United FC

21:24 (IST)

Penalty for NorthEast United FC
90+3′ | PENALTY! Brown is through on goal and Vishal Kaith, in some confusion, completely misses the ball and brings Brown down. Clear penalty.

Chennaiyin FC 3-2 NorthEast United FC

21:21 (IST)

Kaith Save

90′ | SAVE! Another good save from Vishal Kaith as despite a good challenge on Sylla, NorthEast get a shot away and Kaith has to be alert and make the save.

Chennaiyin FC 3-2 NorthEast United FC

21:06 (IST)

76′ | Machado takes the corner after much delay with Eli Sabia down but the ball is cleared by Goncalves.

Chennaiyin FC 3-2 NorthEast United FC

21:05 (IST)

74′ | Vishal Kaith has to be alert and parries the ball away for a corner after four defenders around Luis Machado open the gate for others in NorthEast United FC.

Chennaiyin FC 3-2 NorthEast United FC

20:52 (IST)

61′ | Deshorn Brown does extremely well on the right flank to bully Sipovic with pace and power and cuts it back to Suhair, whose shot is wild. It was a tough chance but Suhair was free and could have got the ball and taken one touch before going for goal.

Chennaiyin FC 3-2 NorthEast United FC

20:50 (IST)

Subhasish Save

59′ | SAVE! Fingertip save from Subhasish to deny Edwin Vanspaul. He takes a shot from afar and it looked to be going in and Subhasish has to go on a full stretch to make that save.

Chennaiyin FC 3-2 NorthEast United FC

20:48 (IST)

57′ | Nim Dorjee comes on for Ashutosh Mehta.
58′ | Imran Khan and Benjamin Lambot make way for Mashoor Shereef and Idrissa Sylla, respectively.
84′ | Rochharzela replaces Suhair VP.

20:45 (IST)

52′ | GOAL! Lallianzuala Chhangte fancies his chances and goes for goal. His shot takes a slight deflection from Lambot and goes past Subhasish. Subhasish was on the floor but he could have kept himself in a better position to do more.

Chennaiyin FC 3-2 NorthEast United FC

20:44 (IST)

50′ | GOAL! Manuel Lanzarote scores from the spot to bring Chennaiyin FC back on level terms. Chhangte fights it out extremely well with Ashutosh and outmuscles him to go around him. Ashutosh just sticks his leg out and Chhangte goes to the ground. Lanzarote stands at the spot and makes no mistake.

Chennaiyin FC 2-2 NorthEast United FC

20:40 (IST)

Kaith Save

48′ | SAVE! Good save from Vishal Kaith. He does just enough to get the ball away off that header. Golden chance for NEUFC to increase their lead.

Chennaiyin FC 1-2 NorthEast United FC

20:37 (IST)

46′ | Thoi Singh comes on for Rahim Ali, who wasn’t walking very well by the end of the first half.
63′ | Esmael Goncalves replaces Jakub Sylvestr.
71′ | Lanzarote and Vanspaul make way for Deepak Tangri and Anirudh Thapa.

20:35 (IST)

One change for Chennaiyin FC at half time as NorthEast United FC kickstart the second half with the Highlanders leading 2-1.

20:35 (IST)

Goals Scored: Chennaiyin FC – 5; NorthEast United – 10

Percentage of Goals Scored: Chennaiyin FC – 36%; NorthEast United – 38%
Goals Conceded: Chennaiyin FC – 13; NorthEast United – 12

Percentage of Goals Conceded: Chennaiyin FC – 62%; NorthEast United – 55%

20:30 (IST)

Half-time Stats
Chennaiyin FC had a bit more of the ball than NorthEast United FC, as expected, but had one less shot on target (3) than NorthEast United FC (4). However, Chennaiyin FC have had three shots off target and Laszlo will want his team to be more clinical.

Chennaiyin FC 1-2 NorthEast United FC

Blog Image

20:27 (IST)

From being a goal down, NorthEast United go into the break with a 2-1 lead with goals from debutant Imran Khan and Deshorn Brown just before half time. Lallianzuala Chhangte opened the scoring with a goal for Chennaiyin FC and they looked good till they conceded the first goal. It was an entertaining half of football with both teams going for their shots but Csaba Laszlo will be disappointed with the outcome. Chennaiyin FC were playing the high line and they paid the price of it with Brown scoring the second goal.

Chennaiyin FC 1-2 NorthEast United

20:18 (IST)

43′ | GOAL! Deshorn Brown scores NorthEast United FC’s second goal. Khassa Camara plays a fabulous ball towards Brown, who finds the back of the net past Kaith as he gets around his defender very well.

Chennaiyin FC 1-2 NorthEast United FC

20:02 (IST)

29′ | Excellent pass from Deshorn Brown towards Machado on the left, who goes for goal but Vishal makes the save. But the ball went straight into Brown’s path and he had to put his body on the line to make sure Brown couldn’t get the shot away. Kaith even collided into the post and was checked by the physios.

Chennaiyin FC 1-1 NorthEast United FC

20:00 (IST)

27′ | A decent corner kick in the middle from Chhennaiyin but their tall defenders like Enes Sipovic just aren’t able to jump higher and win headers.

Chennaiyin FC 1-1 NorthEast United FC

19:51 (IST)

16′ | A long throw-in from NorthEast United and Chennaiyin FC are switched off as Khassa Camara runs up with the ball and plays it for Machado. The Portuguese is through on goal but Vishal Kaith just does enough to take a ball slightly away from him and Machado cannot get his shot.

Chennaiyin FC 1-1 NorthEast United FC

19:48 (IST)

14′ | GOAL! Imran Khan, on his NorthEast United FC debut, scores their equaliser. Machado received the ball on the left and then went up with it and cut inside to put it in the middle. A slight deflection takes it towards Imran, who connects with it through a diving header.

Chennaiyin 1-1 NorthEast United FC

19:42 (IST)

8′ | GOAL! Lallianzuala Chhangte gives the lead to Chennaiyin FC with a brilliant finish. Excellent work from Jakub Sylvestr as he works the ball and turns around from his defenders and passes a perfect ball to Chhangte, who creates a half yard for himself and finds the back of the net.

Chennaiyin FC 1-0 NorthEast United FC

19:39 (IST)

6′ | A little bit of confusion between Jerry and Chhangte on the left wing. The two are usually in completely sync with each other. After the ball goes away, they both just smile at each other.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 NorthEast United FC

19:37 (IST)

5′ | Early attack from Chennaiyin with Jakub Sylvestr and Lallianzuala Chhangte, especially the latter on the left wing.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 NorthEast United FC

19:32 (IST)

We are underway at the GMC Stadium in Bambolim as NorthEast United FC take on Chennaiyin FC, looking to keep pace in the tight race for the playoffs.

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