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A video in which men wearing RSS attire are handcuffed is viral on social media with the claim that People’s Front of India has chained RSS workers.

In the video, people wearing khaki shorts and white shirts which is the dress code of members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh can be seen parading with handcuffs. Simultaneously, some people can also be seen wearing British soldiers’ attire with shackles in their hand. This video is viral with the caption, “PFI को सीधे बैन कर देना चाहिए । See this rally organised by PFI in which RSS workers were shown fettered. If any Hindu unions took out this kind of rallies then the case would have reached the UN, and the entire media would have cried a lot, secularism has ended in India. Ban PFI.”

These posts are mostly being shared as State Assembly Elections are due in Kerala and will be held this year. Since Kerala is currently under Left Democratic Front (LDF), hence, many right-wing supporters are sharing the video to malign the image of LDF and portray it as an anti-Hindu party.

The video is viral on Facebook.

The post is also viral on Twitter.


PFI enslaved RSS workers and paraded them in Kerala.

Fact Check:

We did a search with the keyword, “Kerala, RSS member handcuffed, PFI” and found the same video was published by News Nation on February 20. The title of the video is, ‘RSS members allegedly depicted by individuals role-playing in handcuffs at PFI march.’ Hence, the men in the video were not RSS members but individuals playing the character of RSS members.

Times Now reported about this parade on February 19. According to the Times Now report, PFI took out a parade in Kerala’s Malappuram where the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)members were allegedly depicted by individuals role-playing in handcuffs. The article quoted PFI’s General Secretary Anees Ahmed, who said, “The video that is going viral actually belongs to the depiction by the people of Malabar during a programme of PFI. The people of the region respect their heritage and the particular drama represents a fight that happened between the Britishers and the people of Malabar in 1921. Every year people celebrate the occasion here and the idea that was being depicted in this particular video was that the people of Malabar played an essential role in fighting against the external threat of British imperialism in 1921 and now when RSS is posing the internal threat of fascism, people of Malabar will also confront them and protect our country.”

India Today contacted Inspector Lalu VS of Thenhipalam police station, who said, “On February 17, PFI had conducted a march as part of their anniversary. The march was peaceful and no incident of violence was reported. The video that has gone viral was a demonstration held as part of the march. We have not come across any recent incident of PFI activists attacking RSS workers.”

The Quint spoke to NR Madhu, RSS spokesperson in Kerala and he denied the claim that the men seen in the viral video are members of RSS. He said, “The RSS was not founded when Malabar Rebellion took place. It is factually wrong to represent RSS functionaries as convicts of the rebellion. We have condemned the depiction.”

Hence, the viral claim is fake.

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