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LONG BEACH, Calif. — Painting might have been a pastime in Brielle Diliberto’s past, but now, it is her full-time occupation. 

What You Need To Know

  • Artist Brielle Diliberto quit her day job to pursue her passion as a shoe designer
  • Without any experience, she created a website on GoDaddy to offer her services
  • After a video of hers went viral on TikTok, she has countless orders ahead of her
  • She encourages others to take risks in order to pursue their passions as well

In order to bring her dream to life, like painting custom ordered designs for sneaker lovers, Diliberto took a risk and quit her day job.

“I decided that I wanted to continue to do shoes. It was the one thing I actually really like doing. I made my website on GoDaddy, and it was super easy for me to start, and just being a beginner and not knowing really how to do anything, it kind of walked you through it,” she explained.

Visitors who either choose her designs, or request their own frequent Diliberto’s website, but her biggest flow of traffic arrived when one of her videos on TikTok went viral.

It is just another example of the impact social media is having not just on social interactions, but also economic opportunities for multiple industries. Diliberto said receiving positive feedback after she ships out an order, keeps her fueled to continue painting. 

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“It is very rewarding, especially when you get a message or review from that customer saying how much they like it or how it looks exactly how they wanted it. Even now, having as many customers as I do, just getting that one person just saying ‘I love it, I got the shoes, it was worth the wait,’ — that would make my entire day,” she said.

Doing what one loves for a living might seem like an easy lifestyle, but Diliberto said it required an intense discipline and positive belief in herself, and her passion.

“If you believe in yourself and whatever is that you want to do, then it is most likely going to happen,” she said.

Now that it is happening for Diliberto, she hopes others will take the leap to turn their passions into profits.

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