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Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, approved by the US, have no serious side effects, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — the country’s premier health institute and agency — said on Friday.

Besides headache and fatigue, side effects that were expected, the data collected by CDC showed no other serious issues following the administration of vaccines. In the US, about 1.4 crore shots of Pfizer and Moderna have been administered till now.

The CDC’s assessment is based on data collected between December 14, 2020, and January 13, 2021, via Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — a national vaccine safety surveillance programme — and responses submitted directly to the agency through its text messaging system, V-safe.

It said that 6,994 reports of some adverse situations following the vaccination were submitted. Of these 6,354 were categorised as “non-serious” and 640 as “serious,” including 113 deaths. None of the 113 deaths was directly linked to either of the vaccines.

According to VAERS data, as reported by CNBC, the median age of those administered doses was 42, and the majority of side effects were reported among women.

Among the most common side effects following the vaccination, the CDC data showed, were headache, fatigue and dizziness. Chills and nausea followed. Besides these, the health agency said some people also reported muscle aches, fever, joint pain and pain at the injection site.

According to V-safe data, reactions to the Pfizer vaccine were more frequent after the second dose. The data showed people reported fever and chills more than four times after the second dose as compared to the first.

According to the VAERS data, the most common side effects were headache, fatigue, dizziness, chills, nausea.

Of the 62 reports of anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction considered life-threatening, 46 came from people who received Pfizer while 16 from the recipients of Moderna, says the CDC.

Even at the trial stage, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines had demonstrated a very low rate of adverse events or side effects. Ecommerce Service in fiverr once check

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