Coronavirus: These COVID symptoms could be signs you have lasting immunity, as per a study – Times of India

Appetite loss, or experiencing displeasure during eating is common with viral ailments. In cases of COVID-19 infection, appetite loss and skewed eating habits are associated with severe COVID-19. It could also be brought on when a person experiences symptoms like loss of smell and taste (normal foods don’t appeal to the tastebuds), throat infection, nausea and chronic fatigue.

If doctors are to be believed, extreme appetite loss is also a sneaky sign that your body is undergoing a major change and working to generate a high systemic inflammatory response, which helps in the production of rich antibodies.

While it may be a good indicator of your body fighting back and developing immunity, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Long-term appetite loss and eating problems could disturb metabolism, lead to weight loss, drain energy and fatigue, a feared consequence.

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