Coronavirus: 50% of patients with mild COVID experience symptoms 6 months after infection, claims study – Times of India

The study observed 103 people over the age of 18 who had coronavirus between April and October 2020. The volunteers involved in the experiment suffered with mild and moderate symptoms, indicating that while they were not asymptomatic, they weren’t hospitalised either.

The participating group were questioned four times during the research.

Six months following the start of the study, 46% had at least one lingering symptom. The most common symptoms included fatigue (22%), loss or change in the sense of smell and taste (15%) or difficulty in breathing (8%). As per reports, 44% of people had initially experienced headache, 41% fever, 39% muscle aches and 38% dry cough.

The final report listed 14 symptoms, 12 of which were already recorded as common symptoms of COVID by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The most common symptom reported was loss of appetite, as per the study.

According to the study, “Long COVID is emerging as a phenomenon where patients have long-term unresolved symptoms.” “These could be prolonged symptoms of COVID-19, or a post-COVID syndrome for which dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system has been proposed, although further research is needed to establish the causes,” the study added.

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