Caught on Camera: Mammoth ‘fireball’ flashes through the horizon in China’s Qinghai province – Times Now

'Fireball' like object seen in the Chinese skies.

‘Fireball’ like object seen in the Chinese skies. &  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

Two counties in Southern China’s Qinghai province witnessed something rather extraordinary and briefly terrifying. A ‘fireball’ was seen flashing in the sky which looked like it was descending into the ground. However, it dissolves into the horizon later on.

The locals living in the Nangqian and Yusu counties reported the incident at around 7 am on December 23. The object was witnessed plummeting steadily towards the ground that it stunned and scared them. They had also heard a loud sound when the object passed through. 

Social media was flooded with videos captured by the people in the village. A Turkish journalist named Mete Sohtaoglu shared the video on his Twitter page as well. 

A man named Ziyao Wang posted videos on his Facebook page. Each of them shows the object flying through the sky from different angles. One of them is CCTV footage taken of a residential parking lot on which a shadow passed through, thanks to the suspected ‘fiery’ object crashing down in the sky. 

According to the Daily Mail, the local Chinese media reported that the object was suspected to be a bright meteor that passed through in the sky. Fortunately, as it did not hit the village and the surrounding area, there were no casualties reported. The China Earthquake Networks later confirmed that it was a ‘Bolide’ which is a very bright meteor. However, more details are awaited regarding what took place. 

The stunning yet intriguing visuals showing what took place were shared all over the internet. While everyone is waiting for the exact details. 


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