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WASHINGTON: Donald Trump and his violent MAGA minions are being run out of polite company, civic society, mainstream media, and the so-called Big Tech- all seen as “radical left” bastions by the extremist right-wing mob- even as the defeated President faces an unprecedented second impeachment process starting Monday.
From tech platforms to airlines to industry and government, America is identifying and weeding out MAGA extremists, many of whom stormed the US Capitol last week after being incited by Trump, resulting in violence, mayhem, and five deaths. Dozens of so-called “protestors” are being arrested on the basis of photos and footage aired- sometimes by themselves- of their violent insurrection. Many are regretting and recanting their support for Trump as they lose jobs and lose face in civil society, even as the establishment Republican Party is distancing itself from the disgraced President.
Trump and his Twitter fetish has been shut up, and efforts by the departing President and his followers to decamp to an alternative platform more accommodating of their extremist, conspiratorial views and lies has been shut down by Big Tech. On Saturday, Amazon joined Google, Apple, and Twitter in shutting of the extremist spigot, telling Parler, the right-wing echo chamber, that it will lose access to servers.
Airlines, airline pilots and stewards’ bodies have served notice that MAGA people exhibiting crude, coarse behavior will not be welcome on board and make it to no-fly lists.
In one incident over the weekend, the pilot of an American Airlines flight from Washington DC to Phoenix warned that he would land his flight in the middle of Kansas to dump unruly MAGA “patriots” chanting slogans as they returned from the Trump rally. In a video posted online, the pilot is heard saying, “This is the way it’s gonna be… it’s a four and a half hour flight to Phoenix… We’ll put this plane down in the middle of Kansas and dump people off – I don’t care. We will do that if that’s what it takes, so behave, please.”
Excoriated across the board for his incitement and invective, an embattled Trump, who said he will not be silenced, is finding it hard to reach his supporters without social media and mainstream press echoing his message as it did for more than four years. All but his most hard-core allies are deserting him amid reports that vice-president Mike Pence has taken charge of the cabinet to help transition while running down the clock with ten days go for the inauguration.
The two men (Trump and Pence) have not been seen together or spoken with each other for several days now. The vice-president is said to be deeply upset by Trump-triggered MAGA mob roaming the hallways of Congress looking for him and chanting “Hang Mike Pence.” A noose was strung on wooden gallows the mob set up outside the Capitol, and an air force combat veteran photographed with zip tie handcuffs, which triggered fears of hostage-taking, has been arrested.
On Saturday, Twitter deleted the grotesque “HangMikePence” hashtag that trended briefly. Trump, according to reports, has not even bothered to call Pence to inquire about his safety after the vice-president and his family had to bunker in the Capitol building to escape the MAGA hordes. Their rift is now very public and obvious. Pence’s aides have said he will attend the Biden inauguration; Trump has said he will not.
The political rift has cleaved the Republican Party, with the establishment wing set to allow- if not support- the impeachment process to be initiated by Democrats on Monday. Over the weekend, Republican Senator Pat Toomey joined the ranks of Trump critics, saying the President “descended into a level of madness and engaged in activity that was absolutely unthinkable and unforgivable.”
Trump has also not called the family of the Capitol Hill police officer who died at the hands of the MAGA mob, although, according to his friends, he was a Trump supporter. In fact, family members of several Trump supporters, including a woman who died in the stampede, are blaming the defeated President for triggering violence. “It’s my own personal belief that the President’s words incited a riot that killed four of his biggest fans,” the family of Rosanne Boyland, who was trampled to death in the Capitol Rotunda, said.
The grandmother of a Republican lawmaker from Virginia who was arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct blamed Trump for the violence, and the 18-year old daughter of a Trump supporter trolled her mom by posting a video of her injured in the violence with the message, “Hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn’t go to BLM protests bc they could get violent…this you?”
Many Trump supporters- prominent and otherwise- are having second thoughts about a President who tapped into a poisonous racist vein in America, even as some liberals have begun drawing up watchlists to remind them of their unstinting support to a man they see as “unhinged,” warning the enablers they won’t have a pretty future in civil society.

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