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Shannon Sharpe held no prisoners as he criticized Paul George and Kawhi Leonard for their 22-point meltdown against Steph Curry.

At one point on the night, the Clippers held a whopping 85-63 advantage with over 60% of the game played. But from that point on, the Warriors went on a 27-4 run to take a 92-89 lead. The Clippers never came back after that, succumbing to a double-digit loss.

George and his Clippers started off hot from the field. He made all 5 of his first 5 3-point attempts. It looked like he’d take them over Steph’s challenge despite a rough shooting night for Kawhi till that point. When Kawhi began making his own shots for a bit, it looked like they’d run away with the game.

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Golden State went on a dominant 21-2 run to end the 3rd quarter, shaving off virtually the entire lead. By the 9 minute mark of the 4th, the Clippers were staring down the barrel of a Warriors lead.

Shannon Sharpe trolls Paul George and Steph Curry for blowing 22-point lead

An ardent LeBron James fan, Shay was probably beside himself with glee as he used his Twitter fingers overtime. The manner in which the Clippers folded was all too familiar from the bubble in Orlando. George started the sequence off with 3 bad shots in 4 possessions, and they never recovered their offensive mojo after that.

“I’m trying to figure out. How the 2 best wing defenders since Jordan and Pip let Chef Steph cook for 38 while blowing a 20 pt lead? I blame Doc Rivers for not drawing up better plays and playing to players strength.”

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Steph put the Clippers on toast with 38 points on a 13-of-24 shooting night. He made 9 of his 14 3-point attempts and was aggressive in driving and setting up his teammates. The bench mob for the Warriors came in clutch. Andrew Wiggins was excellent in ways that bely the raw box scores.

The Clippers have now slumped to a 6-4 record, losing 3 of their last 5 games. They definitely seem to be in need of a true point guard given how their offense just dies at times.

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