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As millions of people living in Texas continue to face the brunt of severe winter storms with water and power outage — a heartwarming story about people’s thoughtfulness is winning hearts online. Even though most shops were closed, customers at a store left behind money for goods taken. Now, an image shared by a store staff is going viral.

The images from the aftermath of the powerful storm, that knocked down power grids leaving millions of people without electricity, were widely shared on social media with netizens sharing some photos capturing all unusual events. Likewise, Bonnie Valdez from San Antonio, Texas shared an image showing many dollar bills left at the convenience store where she works.

Valdez explained that there were several cartons of packaged drinking water left outside the Stripes store at the gas station where she works. She said tit wasn’t surprising to find out that those went missing when they came back after a few days to open the shop. “Understandable everyone needs water,” she wrote on Facebook.

But what came as a surprise was when they looked inside. “Into the store I find this…they left me 620 in cash different ppl I was like wow ?❤? My store made 620 dollars when it was closed,” Valdez, amazed by the thoughtful gesture, wrote.

The post went viral with more than 87,000 shares on Facebook and screenshots of her post elsewhere on other platforms. Many praised the locals for leaving cash behind amid such crisis.

In Texas, 7 million people — a quarter of the population of the nation’s second-largest state — were ordered to boil tap water before drinking it because low water pressure could have allowed bacteria to seep into the system. Locals had to fill buckets of water to flush toilet as people across the city found themselves without running water after pipes were ruptured due to freezing temperatures following an unprecedented winter storm in the state.

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